Immersion in Ireland

It is a language immersion program, based on living with an Irish family, enjoying their culture and way of life. Students enjoy complete and total exposure to the language. The Kilkenny and Carlow areas also have a natural environment and privileged landscapes.

During this English program in Ireland, the student has the opportunity to meet these Irish paradises immersed in a family with whom they will live and develop their English language skills.

The students do not attend classes since the learning is carried out through the integration in the way of life of the host family, as a member of the same, with their obligations of collaboration and their family discipline, contributing to it Different cultural aspects, always beneficial in the relationship of people from different backgrounds.

It consists of a profitable experience, aimed at students who want a total immersion in the language and culture of the country. They must be prepared to live exclusively in the surroundings of the Irish family and isolated from other students who could break that goal of total immersion.


  • Dublin airport transfers: round trip
  • Irish family accommodation in full board
  • Medical insurance and civil liability
  • E&E backpack
  • Advice to get flights
  • 24h attention by E&E
  • Accompaniment on the flight from Madrid: round trip
  • Flight from Madrid: round trip

Not include

  • Extra flight from other airports
  • Pocket money

In this link you can start the enrollment process for the Immersion program in Ireland and for any other that we have in E&E.